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Current Conversations: Artist Douglas Diaz

During Diaz’s exhibition GRIEF, at the East Hawaii Cultural Center (December 2021- January 2022), we discuss his current work, and how social media has influenced his projects and how he connects with collectors.

Article Coming Soon: Anish Kapoor and Cancel Culture

An analysis of Kapoor’s exhibition at Modern Art Oxford (October 2021- February 2022), and the notice of negative responses when mentioning his name in conversation. Should an artists reputation be separated from their work?

Article Coming Soon: Tate Modern VS Tate Britian

Who reigns supreme?  A critique and ethnographic review of the two Tate museums in London, UK. Is the experience all that different?

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Hi, I’m Denice Celley. I am a certified art framer, amateur art historian, artist, critic, and journalist. I created this platform to host my research interests, interviews, and to document my journey. I am currently an Art History and Visual Cultures post grad student studying at Richmond University in London, UK. I am originally from the United States, but I am enjoying all the artistic avenues London has to offer. I am looking to engage with current contemporary artists, and look closer into the institutions and the art that might be more well known in their collections. This is an ever changing industry, and I hope to have a front seat for its ongoing development.

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